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Refillable pods for Senseo

With the Coffeeduck, you can convert your Senseo coffeemaker into an espresso machine. It’s a great alternative to using regular Senseo pods. The Coffeeduck is actually a 2-pod Senseo holder that can also be used for ground coffee. You’ll be amazed by its versatility! A mug of coffee? No problem! A small cup of strong espresso? In a flash! Two normal cups of coffee? Coming right up!

The Coffeeduck is suitable for all types of coffee, from fast-brew filter to finely ground espresso coffee.

The Coffeeduck holds anywhere from 5 to 14 grams of loose coffee grounds (regular paper pods contain 7 grams of coffee). Preparing one cup of coffee takes about 20 seconds longer than preparing coffee using paper Senseo coffee pods.

• The art of making delicious coffee using the Coffeeduck is easily learned.
• The Coffeeduck is dishwasher-safe and lasts for years, making it nice on the wallet as well.
• Maintains the foam layer.
• Environmentally friendly.


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Coffeeduck: Refillable capsules and pads